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The Marinucci story began in 1964, with Albert Marinucci, an Italian immigrant who arrived in Australia 10 years earlier to make a better life for his family.

Albert envisaged an opportunity to supply packaging to Greengrocers. He purchased a second hand truck, a selection of paper bags and drove down to the Haymarket, Sydney’s produce market at the time, where Albert established Marinucci Packaging.


Today the Marinucci family continue to run the company successfully, aiming to reach even more ambitious goals and ensuring its’ focus and commitment to customers remains the same.

Over the past 50 years, Marinucci has expanded its product and service offering, entered several new categories and expanded its distribution facilities to create value for customers and their brands.

Value Proposition

Marinucci is a customer centric packaging company that aims at finding solutions and driving innovation. Marinucci continuously gains insights and keeps abreast with market trends, consumer needs and technology developments. It does so by leveraging local and global insights, as well as gathering knowledge from its international supply network to deliver the best possible solution and respond to its customer needs.

Marinucci is committed to achieving the highest standards with supply and quality of its product and services. Each opportunity is evaluated and an individual strategy is tailored to create value for its customers.

The process involves:
•    Understanding the customers’ business needs, packaging and branding objectives and the target markets.
•    Identifying and aligning the most suitable packaging solution to the business.
•    Being a packaging innovation partner.
•    Partnering with businesses to ensure the packaging solutions complement and enhance their products and brand vision.
•    Being a single source supplier for multiple packaging technologies.
•    Providing a simplified supply chain and a single point of contact for ordering.
•    Providing the best industry customer service levels.

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