Introducing Bionovo

The BioNOVO brand is part of the Marinucci Sustainable offering.

Products in the BioNOVO brand are only manufactured from renewable resources making the products biodegradable.

BioNOVO products are ideal for environmentally focused customers looking for a biodegradable solution. 

BioNOVO cups are produced from plant based materials and extra-thick board, resulting in a premium biodegradable product with superior insulation properties. Our cups are printed with water based ink and are coated with Ingeo, a bio-based material made from plants instead of the traditional plastic that most cups are coated with.

BioNOVO Eco Lids are produced from Ingeo, a bio-based material made from plants instead of the traditional plastic lid.

BioNOVO Range

Click on the images below to see our range.

For a complete biodegradable solution, pair our cups with the BioNOVO Eco Lids. The Eco Lid is a hybrid between a flat travel lid and a sipper lid, making it easier to drink from.

Biodegradable & materials

What is Biodegradable?
Biodegradable simply means to be consumed by microorganisms and return to compounds found in nature. It is capable of being decomposed by biological agents, especially bacteria and thereby avoiding pollution.

When biodegradable products are exposed to nature, including oxygen and moisture, they break down relatively efficiently. Factors that determine the degradation rate of organic compounds salient factors include light, water and oxygen. Temperature is also important because chemical reactions proceed more quickly at higher temperatures.

What is INGEO™?
Ingeo is a trademarked brand name for a range of polylactid (PLA) biopolymers owned by NatureWorks.

The process to create Ingeo makes use of the carbon stored in plants by photosynthesis in the form of dextrose sugar. The carbon and other elements in these sugars are then used to make a biopolymer through a process of fermentation and separation. The resulting resin can then be injection moulded into plastics goods, extruded for film applications, thermoformed into packaging, or extruded for use in textiles applications.







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