Vacuum Bag

Lock out air and seal in flavour with a Vacuum Bag.

Today, shoppers are looking for meals that are quick, easy to prepare and delicious. Sous vide or vacuum packed cooking solutions deliver greater convenience. It’s also a great way to keep fresh produce for longer.

By blocking out air and moisture we are sealing in freshness and ensuring flavours penetrate the produce. The exceptional vacuum seal strength and excellent barriers of our pouches will help extend the shelf-life of your products and reduce waste by minimising the oxygen exposure of the foods. This also means it prevents food from leaking odour.The high clarity and exceptional durability of the pouches will also enhance the quality and convenience when displaying products in-store or in your restaurant.

1. 3 side sealed pouches available in 12 sizes.
2. 70 microns thick.
3. Easy open tear tab (no need for scissors).

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