Introducing SureFitLids

Making baristas' lives easier.

Introducing the new and improved Marinucci Premium SureFit lid.

Deliver the best coffee experience to your customers with the new SureFit lids. This new design ensures a quick and confident seal for baristas, whilst providing a comfortable drinking experience for consumers.



  1. 1. Deep rim allows for a secure closure and snug cup fit.
  2. 2. Quick and easy to fit on the cups.
  3. 3. Get a confident seal with the distinct “click-on” noise.
  4. 4. A well cut and appropriately-sized steam hole.
  5. 5. Available in black and white.
  6. 6. Designed with a curved spout for comfort.
  7. 7. Attractive, clean and modern aesthetic.
  8. 8. High quality materials ensure the lids do not tear.
  9. 9. Suits all Marinucci hot cups including BioNOVO biodegradable, double wall and triple wall cup ranges.




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