New Deli Bags

Zip in the flavour with our deli bags!

Present your ready-to-eat chicken differently with the Bag & Seal Deli Bag, a superior alternative to the traditional foil-lined bag.

The deli bags are all about convenience. Consumers will love the comfortable handles which makes carrying home their roast chicken so easy.    

The bags are resealable with a zip-lock or snap-lock mechanism, allowing for left-overs to conveniently be stored in the fridge, without the need to transfer to a new container. This saves on washing up and excess mess that can come about during the switch.

1. They can be used directly in the microwave to reheat the contents.
2. They have a clear window to improve the presentation of the contents.
3. They have vent wholes to release the steam, keeping your chicken crispy.

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